Word “Circus” makes us think of clowns and elephants, the other side of that world is the death defying high-wire acts of the Aerial Performers.These amazing underwater images of performers were created by Los Angeles photographer Brett Stanley as part of a groundbreaking series of photographs showcasing various sports under the water. Brett’s previous shots of Pole Dancers underwater received international attention, after going viral last year.

Brett worked with a variety of performers to create the underwater photos, using their expertise to overcome the technical challenges of a sport that relies heavily on gravity whilst coaching them on how to stay under the surface for as long as possible.

The team has been working on this series for over 2 years now, honing their skills, to bring us these incredible photographs.


Underwater Hoop/Lyra – Pipi-Ayesha Evans
 Underwater Chains – Tanya Drewery2
 Underwater Chain Web – Pipi-Ayesha Evans, Evelyn Coulson,
Andrea Knox, Mary Weir
 Underwater Chains – Tanya Drewery4
 Underwater Aerial Lyra/Hoop – Madison Turner5
 Underwater Aerial Silk/Tissu – Abigail Rose6
 Underwater Doubles Hoop – Sara Kidson & Madison Turner7
 Underwater Silks – Sara & Douglas8
 Underwater Trapeze – Marion Rose & Pipi-ayesha Evans9


Source : Unknown Source
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