Art could be expressed in many different forms with the use of many different tools. There are unexpected methods – like the one Robin Wight uses that consists of bending and shaping wire. These grandiose and extravagant pieces probably take a while to create, and Robin’s efforts should be appreciated to say the least. Her type of style has a sort of magical and fairy tale like feel. One of the pieces she created is a fairy holding on to a dandelion, and it actually moves and spins on its axis – totally and completely whimsical and magical. All types of artists – painters, sculptors, and even poets – pay attention to detail and these works from Robin are extremely intricate. It is the type of work that will motivate you to let your creativity flow. Whatever your way of expressing art is, it will be accepted and appreciated.

Totally Entrancingwire
Don’t Let Go!2
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How Did She Capture A Sun In Her Wires?5
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 What Inspired Her To Make This?
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