This is the story of an Australian photographer Shantanu Starick. Everyone dreams about things they want to achieve in life, but the struggle to make it possible is not done by everyone. It takes will and power of mind to be at the place where one had dreamed about.

The photographer started his dream through “Pixel Trade” back in 2012. His only motive through this project was to  travel through all the seven continents in the world without spending a single penny. As a photographer, he wanted to proffer his services without any charges. Instead, he wanted people to provide food, accommodation and transportation in return.

He started his journey on 25th June 2012, with only a camera in his hand and imagination in his mind of things which will go according to him. But, things don’t always go the way we think. “I had an idea of what would happen, but I didn’t think I’d be so perfectly wrong in almost every possible way.” he said.

In this journey, he has photographed for designers, architects, restaurants, jewelry, portfolio, fashion, for chefs and many more. Fortunately, through his skills he was able to get place to stay, food to feed his stomach well as well as ticket or ride to his next destination throughout his journey.

According to him, he has kept record of everything of his journey. He describes ” Throughout my journey I kept a record of everything. From standing in the offices of multi-million dollar companies to driving through deserts for small clothing labels.Luxury hotels to sleeping on yoga mats. Arguments on the streets to intimate moments under linens with a beautiful woman.Eating mangrove worms with indigenous communities to laying sick in bed under the roof of a complete stranger.”

He has completed his journey on 25th November, 2015 covering time span of almost 3 years and 5 months. He completed his “Pixel Trade Project” in Antarctica and shot for around 1238 days, completing his journey. He tells his story is much bigger than photographs he has captured or goals he had set to achieve. To describe every moment of his journey in detail, he is writing a book on it too which will launch in 2017 according to him. To blow you again, he completed his journey of travelling seven continents in “zero” budget.

We, at Travelographers, salute his spirit and enthusiasm for travelling and photography and congratulating him for making his mind boggling idea into a reality.

Check out this video in which he is sharing his two years living experience without any money:


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