This seems heartfelt (Montreal)
When a kiss on the cheek is worth a thousand “I love you” (Montreal)
In French, love is a masculine word (Montreal)
They said goodbye here… (Paris)I-photograph-people-making-love-in-public-places2_IN PARIS
 … and then again there (Paris)I-photograph-people-making-love-in-public-places3__880
Exactly one week after the November 13th attacks. Love wins. (Paris)I-photograph-people-making-love-in-public-places1__880
Not even afraid – Place de la République, memorial for the November 13th attacks (Paris)I-photograph-people-making-love-in-public-places5__880
Hold on tight during the bus ride (Montreal)MG_1733_01-16__880
Lovers de la Montagne (Montreal)MG_4954-07__880
 I think she found the assistance she needed (Montreal)MG_2872_02-16__880
A kiss on a hand may be quite sentimental but… (Paris)I-photograph-people-making-love-in-public-places4__880
And suddenly it’s like there’s no one around (Montreal)MG_5685-07__880
What’s warmer than a hug? A hug with a scarf. (Montreal)MG_0181_01-16__880
The hour seems happy indeed (Paris)I-photograph-people-making-love-in-public-places6__880
I’ll take a waffle and a kiss (Paris)I-photograph-people-making-love-in-public-places7__880
There’s something quite sexy and romantic about a Vespa… (Montreal)MG_2619-06__880
Night club love (Paris)I-photograph-people-making-love-in-public-places__880
A good hug slows time down (Montréal)MG_4989-10__880
Classic “where do I put my hands” ? problem (Montreal)MG_6467-08__880
And You saw nothingMG_9544-11__880
Love is beautiful in black and whiteIMG_1158-04__880


Source : Unknown Source

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