Indian wedding contains lots of ceremonies and rituals; This is the unique movement in life which make you smile when you look back at them. Wedding is all about capturing beautiful emotions and memories. 10 best pre-wedding shoot destination in Delhi, India Shooting a Pre-wedding photo or video is a trend. It is the opportunity to know about each other. If you’re getting married and looking for the best destination to shoot your pre-wedding then…

These Heartbreaking Photos Will Give You A Reason To Recycle Over the last decade humans have produced 10 times as much plastic as we have in the last century, and each year we throw away enough of the material to circle the earth 4 times. Americans alone throw away approximately 35 billion water bottles a year, all of which are still in existence in some form or another as plastic takes anywhere from 500-1000 years…

A mother’s entire delivery story described beautifully in her own words. The birth of a child is a very special moment for new parents. The feeling of having your newborn in your hands cannot be described. So, when a California based photographer, Lisa Robinson-Ward, learned that she was pregnant, she decided to capture the priceless moment of the birth of her child, herself. When she went into labor, Lisa photographed every moment of the experience,…

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