How It Works

To book our exclusive photography services, you need to follow the below listed steps:

First Stage

» Before you approach us for booking the photography services, you must have your itinerary plan in hand
» Once the trip is booked, open our photographers galleries to see the type of photography you like
» In case you have your travel planned for popular destinations in India, we facilitate you to check the shoot routes for Goa, Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan etc. to save your time
» Now, proceed to book the shoot here soon after which a shoot moderator will get assigned for your project
» He will then send you confirmation pertaining to ideal times, shoot route, and availability of the photographer
» Once the Concierge is finalized, he will send a “Shooting Approval” along with other requisite details
» Now is the time when you can start to think about your “must have poses and shots on your preferred en-route locations”!

Stage Two – The Shooting Day

» We advise you to meet your photographer at least 10 minutes prior the shooting commences. This will help you to connect with him/her in person, and review how the shooting is planned to be executed
» Our shoots are fun and informal; we don’t keep you bind by the idea of remaining in frame mode all the time. Our photographers will travel with you and meander the streets together and chat, whilst capturing stunning memories
» Our photographer is your local friend, and love being treated like one! He will guide you through and explain the insider tips such as great cafes around the place, hidden spots, and places to avoid!
» Some of you may prefer posed portraits, which is completely fine with us! Although our style is more documentary and candid, but we will pleasurably accommodate your preferences.

Stage Three: Post the Shoot

Expect the delivery of photos after 5-6 business days of the shoot. The photographer will be sending you the Link along with a link to download your high resolution images.