FAQ's - For Photographer

Pre-Booking – Photography Service

Q Who all can showcase their photography services?

We invite all those who have a sincere outlook to click lifelike pictures of people around the city. As soon as you join Travelographers, you can start marketing your talent. Upload your work and market photo services by displaying photos taken on Engagements, Weddings, or Candid to win contracts.

QWhat would be my accountabilities if I join Travelographers network?

With us, your obligations stand as under:

- Delivering services in a pleasant and professional manner
- Making customer response within 24 hours and attending their inquiries and booking requests
- Updating the profile on a regular basis
- Since a few countries require photographers to possess special permits; ensure that you are authorised able to provide such services

Q Where and when can I upload deliver my photos once the shoot is over?

Every photographer has his own way to execute his post-processes as per the client. You will be given a unique link to post your photos on the website. These photos get automatically updated into gallery and are sent to the clients. As soon as the photos are sent, the payment is released via NetBanking.

Q Is it possible to send a deposit to hold a client’s booking?

As soon as the client submits their full payment to Travelographers, we will confirm a booking with you. The payment is kept on hold till the photo shoot is done and the photos get delivered.