FAQ's - For Clients

Pre-Booking – Photography Service

Q Is it possible to take a look at photographer’s portfolio prior booking?

By all means! We welcome all our clients to view and compare the photographers’ portfolio by visiting our Photographer Directory Page. At the time of booking, you must look for the question that aim that answering which style of photography you prefer. We suggest you to tell us your top pick(s) with respect to photographers at that time.

QWhat are the criteria to make booking in advance?

To have an assured booking, we suggest you to approach us at least a week in advance. However we will try to accommodate your last minute bookings but we can’t promise anything. Also, we can tend to your individual needs if you will book with us at least 4 weeks in advance.

Q Is there any limit to people who can book a shoot together?

Yes, certainly there is! We operate on a time-based model. We facilitate 6 people to book at a time keeping one hour booking at the minimum. Also, for groups comprising more than 12 persons, we recommend minimum 2 hours.

Q What is the procedure to reschedule or cancel the booking?

If there is a cancellation, set your worries aside! Just drop us an email, text or phone in advance before the scheduled shoot time. The details are:
- More than 72 hours – there is no charge to reschedule or cancel your shoot
- Less than 72 hours –only Rs.500 admin fee is chargeable
- Less than 24 hours – No refund (except in an emergency!)

Q What in case of late arrival?

In case you are running late, all you need to do is drop a text or email to your photographer. But always bear in mind that in such cases, where photographer may have another shoot booked right after, and it is unlikely of the shoot to get extended. Thus, we always suggest early arrival to avoid a “rushed” photography session.

Q What if there is unexpected rain?

We are all equipped to shoot perfectly alike in sunshine or rain. Hands down! However, if it rains sideways, the shoot can be rescheduled for a better shoot experience. We are flexible this ways!

Q Can I take time out during the shoot?

Yes of course! In case you photographer is free; all you need to do is pay some additional charges afterwards online which is charged for additional minutes.

Q How much time you take to deliver the photos?

We know you are eager, which is why we take just around five -seven business days to send a link to your online gallery.

Q How big will be the photo size?

We develop a high resolution (3300 by 2200px) photo gallery. But in case you suggest a specific size requirement for your project, you must fill in the requirement at the time of booking! Also, there will small additional fee for developing photos in extra-special size.

Q How can I keep my photos private?

Once you pay for the photos and receive the delivery, you have their complete ownership. It is your sole right to make personal of these photos or to print, and share them with your friends and family. Although, we will post in a special request to add your photos in our portfolio, but in case you object or wish to keep them private, we will NEVER post anything. We are highly professional at retaining the copyright.

Q What is the procedure to book a Travelographers Photographer for commercial project?

In case you have any queries regarding the commercial shoots, please get in touch with us to know the details. Let us know the specifications of your project and we will shortly revert with requisite information about commercial pricing & licensing options.

Q How can I exercise online permission rights for my photos?

We are never going to share your photos online without your permission. Any photos that we showcase on our site will only be posted after taking prior permission from you. We sign agreement permitting us to share their photos online. If you wish the opposite, we can lock all the photos in the “Password Protected Gallery” so that these are never posted on any social media site. For this, we have given additional section in the feedback form, wherein you can specify your preference in this regard.